libGDX Jam Day 6: It’s Dead, Jim

Reading Time: 1 minutes

The Project Peanutbutter dev log has been kind of quiet lately- namely because my laptop died.

The good news is that all the code is in GitHub, I was able to back up my hard files, I can afford a new laptop, and I have some access to the outside world via Ubuntu-on-a-stick and a Raspberry Pi. That’s actually a lot of good news!

The bad news is that my development environment won’t really fit on my Ubuntu-on-a-stick, I can’t get libGDX to work on the Raspberry Pi (even the stuff that does work takes minutes to compile/run), and the new laptop won’t be here for 3 weeks or so. I’m in, dare I say, a bit of a jam pickle. Unless I can find a way of writing/testing code without using libGDX (which is tricky at best), I’m not going to be able to do any development for a while.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the holidays with my family, researching game design and programming theory (I’m working on a monster of an article on Entity Systems to process all I’m learning), and trying to figure a way around my current hardware limitations.

At any rate, have a great Christmas and a happy New Year if I don’t see you sooner!