Seattle is known for its rain. Nine months of the year are gray and overcast with rain that ranges from sprinkles to downpours. It’s quite dreary. Then comes summer which reminds us that colors beyond green and gray do in fact exist- they’ve just been hiding. The skies play tug-of-war between the two. One day we will have bright sunshine; the next we will have rain. And on special occasions we receive both at the same time- giving the impression that even our sunshine is wet.

The name for my blog comes from this paradox: Sun shining through the silver rain rolling off my windshield. It evokes a feeling of hope in the midst of seasonal depression.

I believe that this is a metaphor for life. The years since I first tried to start this blog have gotten progressively worse, but in their midst I hold on to the hope of better things. Dark though the clouds may be, I have seen rain silvered, and I know that there is something beyond the present. I have tasted a Greater Hope which lies beyond the cloud cover.