Principles & Patterns in Acts

Reading Time: 4 minutesI am currently taking a course on the role of the book of Acts in informing the church. As a part of that I am to write a series of essays, and see no reason why I cannot publish them here for your amusement. The ask for this particular essay was “Write a one-to-two page […]

Theology Through Music

Reading Time: 8 minutesSinging-worship on Sunday morning is a difficult time for me to worship; I have a tendency to let my mind wander and not focus on the Object of our worship. I used to blame it on seven-eleven songs,1 musical arrangements built for vocal acrobats, or skinny-jean worship leaders. As I’ve matured a little, I’ve realized […]

Speaking Truth in Love

Reading Time: 10 minutesLately our young adult group at church has been doing an in-depth study of the book of Ephesians, and I’ve been struck by a particular passage: But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head — Christ. From Him the whole body, fitted and knit together by every […]

libGDX Jam Day 13: Physics I

Reading Time: 4 minutesBack in the Jam! In my last post, I mentioned that my computer had died- specifically my HDD was dying due to overheating. I did have a USB stick with Ubuntu installed on it, but it has very limited space and fun little quirks (like somehow undoing any customizations or installations I’ve made each time […]

libGDX Jam Day 6: It’s Dead, Jim

Reading Time: 1 minutesThe Project Peanutbutter dev log has been kind of quiet lately- namely because my laptop died. The good news is that all the code is in GitHub, I was able to back up my hard files, I can afford a new laptop, and I have some access to the outside world via Ubuntu-on-a-stick and a […]

Debugger Screenshot

libGDX Jam Day 3: Slow ‘n Steady

Reading Time: 3 minutesCheck out the latest commit! I didn’t get as far as I would’ve liked these last two days, but I still got a few things done: I made a debugger One of the complications that comes with this sort of space game is that unlike classic Asteroids, we’re going to have a larger game world […]

Give a Mouse a Cookie…

Reading Time: 3 minutesThis last year at work at that-corporation-which-shall-not-be-named has been one of the most challenging ones yet. Without going in to too many details, I’ve been helping lead architecture on a multi-million dollar project with over 100 teams involved in some way. It’s been nuts. An average day is 7-8 straight hours of virtual meetings followed by updating […]

Why do we post on Facebook?

Reading Time: 3 minutesEarlier this evening I had the opportunity to lie back, close my eyes, and listen to some music. No videos, no distractions, just the music. As I lay there, it occurred to me that simply enjoying music (or art, for that matter) is not something that we do often. The very next thought that popped […]

The Philosopher’s Prayer

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhile the word “Philosopher” may bring images of madmen and ivory-towered intellectuals to mind, the term originally meant “lover of wisdom.”1 I am not a professional “Philosopher” in the modern sense, but I do love wisdom, and the prayer later on in this post is an outpouring of that love. Before I enter into writing […]